Johnny Depp's Love Life: Journey Through Romance and Controversy

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Johnny Depp’s Love Life: Journey Through Romance and Controversy

| Updated: March 4, 2024 20:14

Johnny Depp is a mysterious and talented actor in Hollywood, who is also very popular with women. Even though he is 60 years old, the American actor and musician can still attract many young stars in the entertainment industry. His love life, however, has not been easy. He has gone through many failed marriages and casual relationships, and has seen it all. Here is a look at Johnny Depp’s dating history, from his early days in Hollywood to now.

Lori Anne Allison:

Johnny Depp met Lori Anne Allison when he moved to Los Angeles. Lori, who was a makeup artist and the sister of one of Depp’s bandmates, played a big role in his career. She introduced him to her friend Nicholas Cage, who then connected him with an agent that helped Depp land a role in Nightmare on Elm Street.

When Johnny Depp was just 20 years old, he married Lori Anne Allison. However, their marriage didn’t last long, and they divorced after only two years. Despite this, they remained on good terms. During Depp’s legal battle with Amber Heard, Lori showed her support by sharing a photo taken by Depp with the hashtag “#istandwithjohnnydepp.”

Sherilyn Fenn:

In 1985, the same year Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison split, Depp met Twin Peaks actress Sherilyn Fenn on the sets of Dummies. They dated for three years, during which Fenn appeared on Depp’s popular show 21 Jump Street.

Looking back on their relationship, Fenn shared with The Big Issue in 2017, “He was very sweet. He was my first love.” She reminisced about the genuine connection they shared, despite not walking the same path. Fenn described their time together as filled with laughter, tears, and meaningful moments, emphasizing that she knew Depp as a person, not just a movie star.

Fenn also stood by Depp during his legal battle with Amber Heard, expressing her belief that he was not capable of the things being said about him.

Jennifer Grey:

Depp met Jennifer Grey through her agent in 1989. Grey later revealed in her memoir that Johnny Depp proposed to her within two weeks of meeting, and she accepted because he was “surprisingly open, funny, quirky, and sweet” on their first date.

Their relationship, however, was short-lived, and Grey attributes its end to Depp’s jealousy. After nine months together, Grey says she ended things with Depp by leaving him a note in his hotel room.

Regarding her stance on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case, Grey expressed, “All I can say about that trial is that it breaks my heart for everybody involved. I just think it’s sad and I wish it was resolved, and I just wish everybody well.”

Winona Ryder:

Talking about his first meeting with Winona Ryder in 1989, Johnny Depp described it as a special moment where they shared a meaningful glance, similar to scenes in the movie West Side Story. He felt a strong chemistry with her right away, although they didn’t start dating until a few months later.

After dating for five months, Depp and Ryder got engaged, and Depp even got a tattoo on his arm with her name. They acted together in the movie Edward Scissorhands in 1990. However, their relationship ended after three years in 1993. Winona Ryder later admitted that their breakup was her first real heartbreak, despite others thinking she had everything. During Johnny Depp’s legal battle with Amber Heard, Winona Ryder voiced her support for him, stating that he was never abusive. She described him as a caring and protective person towards his loved ones.

Ellen Barkin:

Johnny Depp and Ellen Barkin were rumored to be together in 1994, although it’s not clear when they officially started dating. Their relationship was short and troubled. In 2019, Barkin talked about their relationship for the first time during Depp’s trial against Heard in 2022.

Barkin mentioned in legal documents that while Depp initially seemed loving, there was always a sense of violence around him, with lots of arguments and yelling. She also claimed that Depp became controlling, jealous, and often drunk during their time together. Depp denied Barkin’s accusations, suggesting that she held a grudge against him.

Kate Moss:

Johnny Depp met the model Kate Moss in early 1994, introduced by a writer at Café Tabac in NYC. Despite their age gap, they started dating quickly. However, their relationship had problems behind the scenes. In September of that year, Depp and Moss were seen arguing in public multiple times, leading to Depp’s arrest. Despite this, they continued dating for several years before breaking up in 1997.

Looking back on their relationship, Depp admitted that he was at fault for their breakup because he didn’t give Moss enough attention and was difficult to live with. Years later, Moss defended Depp in court when Amber Heard accused him of pushing her down the stairs during their relationship. Moss testified in favor of Depp, saying she fell down the stairs accidentally and he wasn’t involved.

Vanessa Paradis:

Johnny Depp described his first meeting with Vanessa Paradis to the Daily Mail, saying that he was immediately captivated by her when she turned around and he saw her eyes. This marked the end of his single life. Jhonny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had known each other for some time through mutual friends, but he fell in love with her in 1998 after their memorable encounter.

Their relationship quickly became serious, and they had a daughter named Lily-Rose within a year. In 2002, they welcomed their son, John ‘Jack’ Christopher. Although they raised a family together, Depp and Paradis never got married. They believed their relationship was perfect as it was and didn’t feel the need for a formal marriage. After being together for fourteen years, they announced their separation in 2012. During Depp’s trial against Amber Heard, Paradis supported him by stating that she had never known him to be violent.

Amber Heard:

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp first met while filming The Rum Diary in 2009. During a trial in 2022, Depp admitted that he developed feelings for Heard, even though he was still in a relationship with Vanessa Paradis, which ended in 2012. By 2013, Depp and Heard were dating, and they became engaged in 2014.

They had a civil wedding ceremony followed by a lavish celebration on Depp’s private island in the Bahamas the next year. However, their one-year marriage was marred by allegations of domestic violence from Depp’s side. This led to a $50 million defamation lawsuit that Depp filed against Heard.

Joelle Rich:

Johnny Depp was in a relationship with Joelle Rich, a lawyer based in London. This was confirmed by Page Six in September 2022. Rich represented Depp in a lawsuit against The Sun in 2020 but was not involved in the case with Amber Heard. Despite not being directly involved in the legal proceedings, Rich showed her support for Depp by being present in the courtroom throughout the 2022 trial.

Through the highs and lows of his romantic journey, Johnny Depp’s love life remains a testament to the complexities of relationships in the spotlight.

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