Karai Police Academy Trainee Faked Appointment Letter, AAP Cries Admission Scam

| Updated: March 1, 2023 12:32 pm

Controversies seem to have taken a liking for the Karai Police Academy at Gandhinagar. While the infamous “honey trap” case of December is yet fresh in the minds of  the public and administration alike, the recent case of a Vejalpur law student “faking the admission letter” revived the attention again.

And now, throwing open the entire selection process to question comes the story of a “police trainee” who was enrolled, being trained, and called out only when his credentials were examined closely while finalising the salary sheet. 

Karai in-charge, DGP Vikas Sahay, briefed that trainee Mayurkumar Tadvi forged the appointment letter from another candidate who passed the exams. “Police identified Tadvi while working on the salary sheets of trainee PSIs four days ago. However, even while the probe was on, an individual affiliated to a political party held a press conference and accused the academy of lapses. This only proved to be a hindrance in the ongoing probe. We have always been careful and there is no question of any scam going on at the Karai Academy. The trainee will have to face legal action,” Sahay added.

According to a press release issued by the DGP office, there are some 582 trainees at the Academy. While working on the salary sheets for February, Mayurkumar Tadvi’s name did not figure in the list of candidates who were declared selected.

“We started a discreet inquiry and gathered the documents from the PSI recruitment board and the DGP office. We also obtained his mobile number and then sourced his CDR to know whom he was in contact with for the last three months,” he added.

The press brief stated that Tadvi obtained the appointment letters from one Mehul Rathwa, who duly passed the selection process. Then, he used software expertise to delete the name of one Vishalsinh Tersinh at serial number three and added his name. The release stated that the individual who held the press conference, despite the ongoing discreet inquiry, intended to defame the government.

“There is no evidence to prove that money changed hands in the incident. Documents are being scrutinised to ensure no one enters the Academy with fake documents,” said the senior cop, refuting claims of an admission racket.

The DGP was making a veiled reference to AAP leader Yuvrajsinh Jadeja’s claims of Rs 40 lakhs being paid for the trainee posts. The youth leader held a press conference on Monday to blow open the lid off the secret dealings. 

Questions are now being raised about how could any aspirant enter a police academy and qualify for the training.

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