Kazakhstan Approves Visa-Free Travel For Indians

| Updated: July 31, 2022 10:27 am

Kazakhstan recently approved visa-free travel for Indian citizens. This visa is applicable for tourism, unpaid business, or personal visits. People will not be able to get employment or carry out business during their visit. Indians have been granted a total of 42 days of travel in a time period of 180 days. However, people can stay in Kazakhstan only for 14 days at a stretch.

In case, Indians want to extend their start, they will have to apply for a Kazakh eVisa through a simplified electronic application. In case people want to be employed, they would have to apply for a work permit visa beforehand.

This is the first time that travellers are being granted visa exemption to Kazakhstan since the beginning of the pandemic. Besides having closed its borders as required, the country had suspended all visa-free entry during this time.

Besides India, Kazakhstan has granted similar privileges to China and Iran.

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