Kejriwal Explaining "Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh" To Poll Bound Gujarat

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Punjab Model in Pollbound Gujarat: Kejriwal Promises Rs.1000 Allowance To Women

| Updated: August 11, 2022 09:24

In the ongoing Revdi war between the ruling BJP and claimant to the throne AAP, the latest shot is fired by Kejriwal in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that the freebies offered by the AAP are nothing but revdis.

What is a Revdi? What is the context?

Revdi is a small sweetball made of jaggery and sesame. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a Gujarati himself used the word revdi for freebies, he must have thought of the old Gujarati phrase: ” revdi api ne kalli kadhi levi”. The phrase is employed when someone is duped by offering an enticing but insignificant thing free of charge in order to take away a precious thing from that person. “Kalli” or “Karli” is a golden or silver ornament on little children’s wrists or fingers.

Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP Supremo made a new promise to the public of Gujarat that if voted to power in Gujarat, the party would provide monthly financial support of Rs 1,000 each to women above 18 years. The AAP Supremo emphasised that “it is your right, it is not a freebie. It is your money; you should get it back, it should not go to Swiss banks.”

Rs.1000 per month financial support to all women above 18

Arvind Kejriwal was speaking at a townhall in Ahmedabad. He said the Rs.1000 per month to every woman is the fifth guarantee to the people of Gujarat if they vote the AAP government to power.

he took a dig at UP CM Yogi Adityanath who recently announced free travel on state buses to women aged above 60 years. He said there may be some disagreement between UP CM and PM as Yogi-ji is bent on providing “freebies”

Arvind Kejriwal said “Our mothers…feel like giving some money to their daughters when they come home… But they have to depend on their sons and husbands. That dependency will end if they have this Rs 1,000. Giving Rs 1,000 to women will significantly impact the economic situation…,”

The state is scheduled to go to the Assembly polls later this year.

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