Gujarat: Khaman In Exchange Of Discarded Manja – Initiative By Surat Man To Get ‘Hero To Animals’ Award By PETA India

| Updated: January 25, 2022 11:17 pm

To thank for an innovative and humanitarian initiative by a Surat-based shop owner, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), India has decided to give a ‘Hero to Animals’ award to him.

Chetan Patel, owner of Jay Gopinath Khaman and Locho shop based in Vesu, Surat undertook an initiative to prevent birds and humans from being injured or killed by dangerous Manja (sharp kite string), wherein he offered Khaman in exchange for every discarded Manja. For instance, he used to offer one kg Khaman for free for an equal quantity of Manja discarded.

The PETA India Advocacy Associate, Farhat Ul Ain said, “Numerous humans and thousands of birds are injured or killed every year after being cut or trapped by Manja, which can get caught on trees, power lines, or buildings.”

“PETA India is recognising this kind-hearted and creative businessman for setting an example of compassion for everyone to follow. His initiative is certain to go a long way towards protecting the lives of birds, humans, and other animals,” he added.  

PETA India encourages kind people to use only plain cotton thread for kite-flying, because razor-sharp strings reinforced with glass powder and metal have a disastrous impact on birds, humans, and other animals.

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