Man Seeks Divorce Alleging While On Honeymoon, Wife Stopped Him From Attending Mother’s Funeral

| Updated: July 10, 2022 10:37 am

In a case which reflects different aspects of psychology and sociology in the context of Indian society, a man has filed for divorce from his newly wedded wife within one month of the marriage.

As per the details available of the case, the newly married couple was on their honeymoon when the mother of the husband died. The man filing for divorce has alleged that he was prevented from attending the funeral of his mother by his wife.

The man has pleaded that he is bearing unshakable guilt ever since to not be able to be present during last rites of his mother. His family members too are offended by this fact. The man has alleged that due to his wife’s insistence to not go, he was put in a miserable condition.

The man has also claimed that he does not regard his wife with respect anymore as he feels she was insensitive towards him and his family by insisting to continue with the honeymoon. The man filed for divorce as he says, in such conditions, it would be untenable for him to share life with someone who he despises.

The woman in question however has said that she doesn’t want the divorce. She said that as per Hindu tradition, a marriage is for life. She also said that she is not educated and can not earn enough so would not leave her husband.

The family members from the man’s side are against the woman. They said that the couple can stay together if they wish so, but the family will not accept her as daughter-in-law.

The court has asked the couple to be present in person for efforts of reconciliation. The verdict will come after that.

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