Man’s Best Friend Turns Wild Asses’ Worst Foe, Sanctuary In LRK Threatened

| Updated: February 11, 2023 12:32 pm

This time it is not human encroachment but the threat from overpowering packs of stray dogs that threaten wild asses in their sanctuary in Little Rann Of Kutch (LRK). 

Despite their formidable speed, upto 80 km per hour, wild asses are being increasingly preyed upon by the pack of strays. Officials report that in January, two wild asses and their foal were chased and mauled by a pack of dogs. Even birds and other herbivores that abound in the reserves stand endangered. 

Despite the threat being red-flagged in the 9th Wild Ass Population Estimation 2020, little has been done. The report notes that there are more than 400 strays within the premises. The herbivores, despite their tremendous speed and bigger size, are incapable of protecting themselves when faced with the ever-growing packs. 

The danger from dogs is even more invasive than faced from shrubs such as prosopis juliflora or from herders. 

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