Meet Kovid Kapoor, The Man Who Became Popular Due To His Name

| Updated: January 6, 2022 6:32 pm

In the unprecedented times of Corona, a man named Kovid Kapoor is getting popular on social media for obvious reasons. He wrote his detailed experience of funny, sad and ugly part of being named Kovid in the times of Covid. He wrote, “Went outside India for the first time since COVID and got a bunch of people amused by my name. Future foreign trips are going to be fun!”

Kovid is the founder of holiday and travel booking website His tweet immediately went viral and garnered a lot of funny reactions from netizens online. Kovid then explained how, even though the name was similar, the spelling and pronunciation was different. He also explained what his name meant.

“For those on this thread, wondering what my name actually means – it means scholar / learned. Comes in the Hanumaan Chaleesa. Also, it’s pronounced as कोविद not कोविड,” he wrote on Twitter.

He said, “Anyway – life threw me (and all of us) a sour lemon, I just decided to take it all in good humour and make some lemonade out of it. Thrilled at how viral the main thread got, feel like a mini celeb for a few hours. The funny + sad part is that there’s gonna be a lot more of these in the future, I believe for the rest of my life.” 

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