Meloni Ji Congratulates Modi Ji on Winning Lok Sabha Election

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Meloni Ji Congratulates Modi Ji on Winning Lok Sabha Election

| Updated: June 5, 2024 12:44

The Italian Prime Minister, Georgia Meloni, has been the centre of attention of 1.4 billion Indians ever since, a few witty netizens spotted the amazing chemistry between her and Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in their public interactions. It must be confessed that both look cute when photographed together. Their photographs together do have a certain kind of distinctive bonhomie and friendly complicity.

It all started with a tweet by Meloni in December 2023, where she very playfully used the hashtag #Melodi while posting a selfie with PM Modi, with the caption ” Good friends at COP28. The post of X has since garnered as many as 47.1 million views. It would be difficult to know whether or not, Ms. Meloni does this tongue-in-cheek nudge on purpose.

People remarked that Modi looked much more relaxed in the company of Meloni. They appear to share jovial banter. people also noticed that Modi smiled or laughed much more when in proximity of Meloni. It looked to the countless admirers of Narendra Modi that the rigorously cultivated dour exterior of the Indian Prime Minister tended to loosen a bit when Meloni ji was around. Meloni has earned the “ji” suffix to her name as a mark of respect for being friendly with the popular prime minister of India, all in good and inoffensive humour.

Another post on X by Georgia Meloni has also delighted countless admirers of Narendra Modi. It has also unleashed the insane creativity of Modi lovers, seeped into decades of mushy-mushy romanticism of the Bollywood kind.

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