Minitruck bangs into five vehicles, seriously injuring a couple in Khokhra, Ahmedabad

| Updated: July 25, 2021 2:04 pm

In a freak accident which took place at about 9.15 am on July 25, that is Sunday morning a minitruck driver lost control over his vehicle while trying to save an old woman crossing Hatkeshwar Bridge in Khokhra area of the city and dashed against five vehicles. Sources said a couple commuting on a bike was seriously injured in the accident and has been rushed to the hospital by 108 emergency service ambulances.
Local Social Worker Harshad Patel said the accident had caused a massive traffic Jam on the Bridge. “Khokhra police had rushed to the spot and had a hard time clearing the traffic. The driver of the minitruck has been taken to Khokhra police station,” added Patel.
According to local sources, amid the rain, the mini-truck which was speeding down the Hatkehswar Bridge tried to save an old woman who was crossing the road.
In doing so, the driver of the mini-truck lost control over his vehicle and dashed into five vehicles. “Some of the vehicle drivers sustained not so serious injuries but a couple, which was travelling on a bike, received severe injuries. We called up the 108 emergency services and rushed both of them to hospital,” said a local source.
Inspector YS Gamit of Khokhra police station said that they had detained the driver of the mini-truck and handed him over to the local traffic police. 

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