Nadiad Railway Staff Ends up Saving Life of Unconscious Passenger Through CPR

| Updated: July 12, 2022 12:07 pm

Railway personnel are known to be accommodating while being proactive in their job. An exemplary act of the above statement was seen on Monday at Nadiad station in Shatabdi station, when a patient fell unconscious and was later rescued through artificial respiration by the railway staff.

The patient in the statement here was Ajay Rawal, who was traveling from Gandhinagar to Borivali on seat 38 & 39 in C/3 coach in Train No. 12010 Ahmedabad – Mumbai Shatabdi Express. It was come to the notice that Ajay Rawal was not well and was unconscious. As soon as Rakesh Mittal got to know this, he acted fast in calling the ambulance and reached the platform with a stretcher. Ajay’s condition was found critical with stopped breathing. At this point, both Jayesh Medha and Rakesh Mittal resorted to giving Ajay a CPR (artificial breathing), and hence, saved the life of Ajay Rawal.

After this humanitarian act, he was taken to Mahagujarat Hospital in Nadiad. His wife, Vandana Rawal commended the dedication and proactive behavior of the Western railway and expressed her sincere gratitude. She was not the only one who appreciated the railway workers, as DRM of Vadodara Division Amit Gupta also lauded the workers and announced an award for the same. He shared that this kind of CPR training is given to all railway staff to ensure that 24/7 help can be given as and when required.

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