Narcotics Nexus In Pratapgarh & Sanchor Supply Drugs To Gujarat

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Narcotics Nexus In Pratapgarh & Sanchor Supply Drugs To Gujarat

| Updated: July 18, 2022 13:13

In the last three months, the police have reported 20-drug related incidents in Ahmedabad, including twelve MD Drug cases. According to an inquiry, drug dealers from Pratapgarh and Sanchor in Rajasthan supply MD Drugs in Gujarat.

The Special Operations Group (SOG) team is attempting to arrest two Rajasthani drug dealers based on this data after collecting their names and addresses.

In the City Gold Cinema on Ashram Road, the SOG team caught a peddler carrying 31.200 ml of MD drugs worth ₹3.12 lakh.

According to a police inquiry, Pratapgarh-Sanchor in Rajasthan is where MD Drugs’ corporate headquarters are located, including Gujarat. As they acted on the tip received, the SOG unit captured Raish alias Patwa Nasir Pathan (age 30) at Ashram Road in City Gold Cinema. The cops seized 31 gm, 200 ml of MD drugs, and ₹3.18 lakhs in cash from him.

After his detainment and interrogation, he revealed information that Sohail, a neighbour who resided nearby, had provided him with the drugs to sell. However, the SOG team caught Raish before the customer arrived to pick up the illegal items from him.

20 Drug Cases, 12 Of MD

For the last three months, the SOG Crime Branch and Ahmedabad Police have witnessed 20 instances involving narcotic substances, such as MD drugs, ganja, and cough syrup. Twelve of those incidents include medical medications. However, according to the authorities, all of these consignments of MD drugs weigh between 30 and 60 grams.

₹10-15 Thousand For Peddlers Per Trip

According to the officials, a gram of MD drugs costs ₹10,000. To sell the narcotics, the supplier sends the peddler from Rajasthan to Ahmedabad via different modes of transportation. The price per phera for a shipment of 30 grams from Rajasthan to Ahmedabad is between ₹15 to 20 thousand.

How SOG Spotted The Supply Chain?

As per the sources, the SOG confiscated ten cases of narcotic material in the past three months. These included one incident of marijuana seizure, three MD drugs, and three others. The police in Rajasthan Pratapgarh will also detain both major narcotics suppliers based on their identities and residences.

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