Narendra Modi Hails NDA’s Ten-Year Rule as ‘Just a Trailer'

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Narendra Modi Hails NDA’s Ten-Year Rule as ‘Just a Trailer’, Pledges Faster Development

| Updated: June 7, 2024 15:42

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Friday, praised the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), stating that its decade-long rule was merely a ‘trailer’. He asserted that the alliance is now poised to work harder and faster for the country’s development. Modi expressed his gratitude towards the NDA allies for unanimously supporting his third term as Prime Minister.

During the NDA parliamentary party meeting at Samvidhan Sadan, Modi emphasized that the alliance is not merely a coalition of parties that have united for power. Instead, he described it as an ‘organic alliance’ committed to the principle of ‘nation first’.

Here are the key takeaways from Narendra Modi’s address at the NDA parliamentary party meeting:

  • Modi viewed the 2024 Lok Sabha results as a significant victory for the NDA, despite the opposition’s attempts to downplay it.
  • He defined the NDA as representing a New India, a Developed India, and an Aspirational India.
  • Modi assured that the NDA government, in the next decade, will focus on good governance, development, and minimal interference in the lives of ordinary citizens.
  • He reiterated the NDA’s commitment to the principle of ‘sarva panth sambhava’, which translates to ‘all religions are equal’.
  • Modi pledged that India will lead the world in the ‘green era’ and urged everyone to plant a tree in their mother’s name as a tribute to Mother Earth.
  • He affirmed that empowering the poor and middle class remains a priority for the NDA government, which will continue to ensure the welfare of people and deliver a quality life to all.
  • Modi stated that the government believes in competitive and cooperative federalism.
  • He urged all states to prepare progressive policies, highlighting the vast potential for investments from across the world.
  • Modi noted that both respect for India and investments into India are growing significantly.
  • He pointed out the strength of India’s democracy, stating that those questioning EVMs and the Election Commission were silenced after the results.
  • Modi criticized the INDI alliance parties for questioning technological advancements like EVMs and Aadhaar, stating that they belong to the previous century.
  • He dismissed the opposition’s attempt to portray the 2024 Lok Sabha results as a loss for the NDA, asserting that the people of the country know that the NDA never lost.
  • Modi criticized the INDI alliance parties for claiming that the alliance was only for the Lok Sabha polls, stating that it reveals their character and hunger for power.
  • He highlighted that the Congress couldn’t touch the 100-mark even after ten years, with their total seats in the last three Lok Sabha polls being fewer than the NDA’s tally in this election alone.
  • Modi expressed his longing for Parliamentary debates and expressed hope that Opposition MPs will also contribute to nation-building when they come to Parliament.

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