Navratri: Peculiar Obsession For Non-Gujaratis.

| Updated: September 24, 2022 7:55 pm

This year’s Navratri is highly anticipated in Gujarat cause it has been two years since the last celebration. Gujaratis are excited to celebrate their most cherished festival, while the non-localities also observe Navratri. Gujarat left other states specifically for Navratri this year.

Here are a few non-Gujarati tourists who travelled to Gujarat, especially this year, to celebrate Navratri.

Maitri Sharma: from Indore, MP.

“I am quite excited because it will be my first time experiencing this celebration, and I, especially adore Ahmedabad’s Navratri. I also played Garba in Indore. I’m looking forward to experiencing Ahmedabad this year. Due to COVID, we couldn’t play the Garba. People would be even more excited cause they would be playing it after two years.”

Tanisha Punjabi: Bikaner, Rajasthan

“Punjabis love to dance and have a good time. Having never celebrated Navratri in Gujarat before, therefore it will be a wonderful experience.”

Stuti Gupta: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

“Since I have never participated in a Navratri celebration in Uttar Pradesh, this will be my first time. I can sense the enthusiasm in Gujarati citizens; Chaniya Cholis are overflowing the markets, and individuals are already practising Garba before the festival even begun. With all of this, I am much more excited and curious to witness Gujarat’s Navratri.”

Kalyani Patil: Maharashtra

“Particularly this year, I am quite eager for Navratri. This year’s Navratri celebrations in Ahmedabad will be fantastic.”

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