Neighbours’ Fight Over Dog Poop Lands In Police Station

| Updated: October 6, 2022 8:42 pm

A painter and a student, both residents of Jai Aarti Society in Vejalpur, have filed police complaints against each other after they clashed over a pet dog defecating near the house. Praful Parnaliya, who works as a painter at Seth CN Vidyalaya, objected to his neighbour Karan Singh Parmar, a student, allowing his pet dog to defecate near his house.

The argument escalated into verbal abuse, with Parnaliya alleging in his complaint that Parmar and his mother used the filthiest of abuses and threatened to “break his limbs”. Parmar’s complaint said that Parnaliya assaulted his pet with a stick.

Officers from Vejalpur Police Station said a probe is on to know who was at fault.

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