New Scientific Method Makes Sperm Swim Faster for Improved Fertility

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New Scientific Method Makes Sperm Swim Faster for Improved Fertility

| Updated: February 16, 2024 20:26

New Scientific Method Makes Sperm Swim Faster for Improved Fertility

A groundbreaking study conducted by researchers has unveiled a new method to enhance the speed of human sperm by exposing them to ultrasound waves. The team, based at Monash University, investigated the effects of ultrasound on sperm motility, a key factor in male fertility.

Previous research has indicated that reduced sperm motility can pose challenges for males in fertilizing females. While there are drugs available to accelerate sperm movement, concerns have been raised about potential damage to sperm DNA. According to Monash University, where the study was conducted, fertility doctors often resort to alternative methods such as collecting sperm from donors and directly injecting them into the uterus to bypass this issue.

The researchers at Monash University collected 50 semen samples from individuals with both normal sperm motility and those experiencing motility issues. Subsequently, they isolated the sperm cells and exposed them to 800 megawatts of ultrasonic waves for 20 seconds. The samples were analyzed before and after exposure to ultrasound.

The results were striking, showing a significant increase in sperm motility, with some cases exhibiting up to a 266 percent boost. Remarkably, even sperm that were initially immobile could be stimulated into motion with ultrasound waves.

The researchers suggest that ultrasound waves provide the sperm with additional energy, compensating for deficiencies in mitochondrial energy within the sperm cells. However, they acknowledge the need for further investigation to ensure that the waves do not cause harm to the sperm cells or the reproductive cells of the female.

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