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New Year Resolutions To Keep Or To Break?

| Updated: January 1, 2022 13:19

Like every year, New Year’s eve is the time when most adults make resolutions. It is a different thing that most of the time, these resolutions are broken. 

Social media has enabled people to share their resolutions with people in no time. It is therefore not surprising to find people putting out their New Year resolutions on social media and posting future plans with the hashtag #NewYearNewMe.

The resolutions are diverse and range from health and career goals to expectations on dating.

Anuj Joshi, 25, senior DevOps Engineer in Hyderabad based Constella Intelligence, says, “ I do believe in entering the new year with high hopes but without forgetting the old lessons and learning. I am more of a ‘New Year, Improved Me’ sort of guy.”

Anuj Joshi

Devarshi Pandya, 24, a software engineer in Thomson Reuters, Canada has health goals. “ I’ve decided to shed a few pounds gained over the pandemic this year.” He further adds –  “I feel like new year resolutions are targets that you procrastinate till the end of the year only to find yourself in the same spot a week after January 1.” Well, this is the tricky part – setting achievable goals so that you don’t find yourself back to where you started.

Twitter is full of some humorous memes around the whole concept of New Year resolutions.

Self-improvement is the main reason people make new year resolutions. In a way, this also gives hope, says Dr Mamta Shah, PhD.Consultant Clinical Psychologist from Ahmedabad. Stressing how the pandemic has affected us, she says  ”The end of the year is when people actually take time to pause and reflect upon the whole year. The future is always uncertain but these resolutions make one feel certain and secure about the future, especially after surviving through the last two years.’’ (hit by the pandemic)

Dr Mamta Shah

The objective of the ’ New Year New Me’ is to have tangible realistic goals as it doesn’t magically turn you into a New You.  “New resolutions give people hope to be better versions of themselves but not at the cost of dropping their present versions. Only if you totally accept and are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, can you work towards new goals and ambitions without any peer pressure.”, says Dr Kalrav Mistry, a clinical psychologist from Ahmedabad. 

Not just that, the new year is also about feeling and expressing gratitude. “ One should feel grateful about themselves and the experiences they’ve had during the whole year,’’ he adds.

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