Not Claws, But Teeth: This Russian Crab Is Trending Across The Globe

| Updated: July 14, 2022 9:38 am

Russia is in news. Not for another man-made catastrophe but for Nature’s aberration.

A deep-sea fisherman’s Instagram post of his most recent catch has baffled netizens. The crab, with a “human-like set of teeth” was netted by photographer Roman Fedortsov, who also works on a fishing trawler in Western Russia to supplement his income. He is known to post regular images of some of the most unusual deep-sea finds on his Instagram feed. Ever since Fedortsov posted the picture last week, his 652,000-strong following was set in motion.

Watch Fedortsov’s post here:

The caption in Russian, translates: “Crabs… there is something attractive and repulsive about them. Mother nature did her best. ” The image received a lion’s share of likes while some expressed shock by the crustacean’s ghastly look.

According to his Instagram profile, Fedortsov thrives on a peculiar collection of sea monster photos. His feed includes images of a fish that resembles a spider, a fish that resembles an earthworm, and a creature that resembles a blob. In other images, aquatic life is seen in swimming splendour.

In Dec 2016, Fedortsov netted another marine life with human-like teeth

For marine animal lovers, the sea is full of possibilities. In fact, Fedortsov’s fan following were quick to point out images from a US shoreline uploaded in June. User Kristine Tillotson posted her clicks to Reddit depicting an animal with needle-like fangs dead on a pile of rocks.

The lifeless body seemed to have peeled apart. Marine trackers speculated on the species in various ways: “I think it is AAAAGH!” Another user suggested it might be a wolf eel, found in the North Pacific. However, this mystery thrown out by the sea remains unravelled.

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