On Dussehra Day: Controversy Over Firing By District Panchayat Chief’s Son During Shastra Puja

| Updated: October 5, 2022 5:30 pm

In Aravalli, a controversy has heated up after the son of the BJP district panchayat president opened fire during the shastra puja on Dussehra day. Surprisingly, he also recorded the video of this firing again and shared the video on Facebook.

The BJP now seems to have decided to show strength in every way at the time of elections. For the BJP, it was perhaps an instrument of show of strength, not limited to the shastra puja of Dussehra. Such a weapon and a display of strength was put back on Facebook as if the law did not care. 

A video of BJP leader Lal Singh Chauhan’s son Virbhadra Singh firing in the air has gone viral and demands of investigation has also come regarding this viral video. Fortunately, the bullet released in the air did not hit anyone, this kind of firing in the air could have taken someone’s life. But the leaders seem to have swallowed the law. 

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