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How to Trade in Options with Small Capital?

| Updated: April 17, 2024 16:14

How to Trade in Options with Small Capital?

With the rise of new technology and easy accessibility through an option trading app in India there seems to be a good surge in the FnO trading category in the last 5 years. Options trading is a type of financial asset in which traders purchase and sell contracts, giving them the chance but not the obligation to buy or sell an asset at a given price within a specific time frame.

Such flexibility makes options trading fit for individuals with little capital as they permit large profits without requiring huge starting trades. In this article, we will look into how one can trade Options with Small Capital.

How to Do Options Trading With Small Capital?

Trading options using small capital can be a reasonable way of getting into the stock market. Here are some option trading strategies that could help:

1. Understand the Options Market

To be successful in trading, it is important to understand the options market. It predicts future stock prices.

Prior to trading, you need to know about options – what they are, how they work, and how you can find viable trades. With this knowledge, your decision-making will be prudent and could increase your likelihood of profiting in binary markets.

In options trading, remember always that thorough research is essential.

2. Start Small

Starting small in options trading is advisable, especially with limited capital. Instead of trading all your money at once, consider using a small percentage, like 10% or 20%.
This approach reduces risk and allows for diversification. Also, avoid opening multiple trades at the same time to manage your trades better.
Remember, patience and careful planning are key in trading.

3. Choose the Right Holding Period

In options trading, the holding period is a key determinant. Options have a short life; therefore, it is often to one’s advantage to hold them for shorter periods of time.

As such, you could keep the option for a while, just before it matures. In this respect, choosing the right holding period can help maximize profits and consequently reduce possible losses.

Therefore, you should select an ideal holding period that suits market analysis and your trading strategy.

4. Predefine the Stop and Target Amounts

Predefining stop and target amounts is a key strategy in options trading. Online calculators can help set these ranges based on your risk tolerance and market analysis.

By aligning your trades with these predefined stops and targets, you can manage your potential losses and gains more effectively.

This approach helps in making informed decisions and mitigating risks in options trading.

5. Avoid Impulsive Buys and ‘Hot Tips’

Just because an options contract was profitable for someone else doesn’t guarantee the same for you. Each trade should be based on your own research and understanding of the market.

Blindly following others can lead to losses. Always make informed decisions and don’t let emotions drive your trading actions.

6. Realize Your Risk Tolerance

Realizing your risk tolerance is essential in options trading, especially with small capital. Many traders follow the 1% rule, where they risk no more than 1% of their trading capital on a single trade.

This strategy helps protect your capital from significant losses. It’s important to set a risk limit for each trade based on your financial situation and risk tolerance.


Options trading is a great way for those with limited capital to join the financial markets and possibly earn big profits. By following the tips discussed here and staying disciplined, traders can succeed.

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