Humans Prone To Infidelity, Says Actor Parambrata Chatterjee

| Updated: February 22, 2022 11:32 am

Parambrata Chatterjee, noted actor who has made a mark in Bengali and Hindi films, says that humans are prone to infidelity. 

The actor recently played the role of Huma Qureshi’s husband in the  web series ‘Mithya’ which shed light on the topic of infidelity. In an interview, Parambrata Chatterjee has shared his views on this controversial subject.

 He has also featured in a film directed by Sandip Ray. He made a debut in Hindi films in ‘Kahaani ‘ alongside Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Speaking his mind on infidelity, the actor said,  “By nature, human beings are prone to polygamy and infidelity. But when two people enter an understanding, it can be like a romantic partnership. It can also be marriage. When two people enter that, they have an unspoken mutual understanding. If the relationship is not going well and the partnership or marriage is not working well, infidelity happens.”

 Chatterjee went on to explain how couples deal with infidelity. He said,  “It depends on the two people whether they accept it as a momentary mistake or they think that they have made a mistake and therefore they should end their relationship, partnership or marriage.”

On the subject of open relationships, the actor said,.”There is a third option – where people today are living in open relationships. Here they are great friends, partners and also husband and wife. But as far as exploring sexuality is concerned, they will not lay claim on one another. They will be open to that.  It depends on how individualis see life,” said Parambrata.

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