Patan Artist Creates Blend Of Modi-Shah On Canvas 

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Patan Artist Creates Blend Of Modi-Shah On Canvas 

| Updated: May 25, 2023 17:54

We come across many painters, but this painter from Siddhpur, Patan district is unique in every way possible. This artist named Akbar Momin knows how to create beautiful paintings not only on canvas but also in water and rangoli. Also, has mastered the art of 3-D painting. A recent 3-D painting by him, of PM Modi and Amit Shah has gained popularity. The beauty of this painting will leave you with a stroke of amazement.

Akbar Momin has recently created a painting that will leave you awestruck. This artist has included Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, who are two sides of the same coin in politics, in one picture.When you take a look at the picture it seems to be a portrait of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but when you see the reflection of this painting in the mirror it seems to be a portrait of Amit Shah.

This picture brought in popularity for Akbar Momin on social media platforms. He has been showered with wishes and appreciative messages from thousands of fans, to the point where he had to switch off his phone. Akbar Momin has so far received three orders for this amazing painting worth INR 7 Lakhs. He had given up on painting as a career as it did not fetch him money then but after seeing the reaction his painting has gained he hopes to take up painting as a full time career.

Talking about his artistic journey so far he says, ‘My drawing teacher sent me to Mumbai’s J.J. School of Art because of my good drawing skills,I studied there but couldn’t find my interest. After forty years I retired. I had looked at the paintings of other artists, and I wanted to create something unique and so I tried creating a 3-D painting.There is a lot of hard work. After many of my 3D works were successful, I decided to make a portrait of Prime Minister Modi.’

Explaining the details of the portrait of Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah, painter Momin says, “I chose to paint the portrait of the Prime Minister because I could mix Amit Shah’s and Modi’s beards, glasses, and their personality in one canvas. By arranging fine strings, I drew a picture of the Prime Minister on one side and on the other side I drew a picture of Amit Bhai, the picture is designed in such a way that the Prime Minister can be seen on one side of the picture and by keeping a mirror on the side, Amit Shah’s face can be seen in it.”

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Impressed by painter Akbar Momin’s skills, popular South Indian actor Kamal Haasan also sought his guidance, Momin says, ‘3-D painting is very difficult, and artists who create 3-D paintings are very few. Once when Kamal Haasan was not getting permission to film a scene, he thought of using 3-D art, he gave me a plane ticket, and also booked a hotel. I created 3-D designs inside his studio. He stayed with me for four and a half hours and his men worked as per the direction given by me.’

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