Peeing Accused U-turn: Not Me, The Complainant Urinated

| Updated: January 13, 2023 4:14 pm

The man accused of peeing on an elderly woman co-passenger on an Air India flight, Shankar Mishra, told the Delhi court on Wednesday that his act was neither motivated by a desire for sex nor intended to offend the complainant’s modesty as he sought bail in the case.

In Delhi Court, Shankar Mishra said, “I did not urinate on complainant.” The woman urinated on her own seat, the accused tells the court.

The rejection comes only two days after Mishra declared that he was not hiding the fact that the act was abhorrent and filthy, but he was instead contending that the complainant’s assertion does not support the use of unlawful force to offend her modesty.

Senior Advocate Ramesh Gupta, who is representing Mishra, called the investigation into this issue “a comedy” on Friday. He said that the woman was ill and had to urinate on her own, but he placed the blame on Mishra.

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