PFI Funding Probe: Sources Reveal Detention of Eight Across Gujarat By ATS

| Updated: September 27, 2022 7:55 pm

Gujarat police have traced out on one more occasion, the activity of people having connections with terrorist organizations. People in some areas of Gujarat are found to be in direct connection with the Pakistani organization PFI. There are reports of people contacting and funding the Pakistani organization.

ATS has detained seven to eight suspects from Ahmedabad, Banaskantha, and a place near Navsari in South Gujarat. The detained suspects are under interrogation.

According to the information received from ATS sources, some people from India were in contact with the PFI organization in Pakistan. The authorities were keeping a watch and monitoring the social media activity of the same. In the meantime, some links between these nefarious activities with Gujarat and other states were revealed.

While NIA was investigating the issue, Gujarat ATS came across an important breakthrough. Some eight to ten persons were spotted to have posted some anti-national posts on social media. Based on the posts and comments, police had the inclination that they were in contact with some social media groups.

The plan was to cause social unrest by disturbing social harmony by posting controversial statements and commenting to hurt religious sentiments on social media.

Though ATS has not yet confirmed, the sources reveal that a total of eight people have been detained from Gujarat. Those connected with organizations like PFI through various social media are currently being interrogated. It is not yet clear the extent of their role.

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