PM Modi Interacts with Top Gaming Creators

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PM Modi Interacts with Top Gaming Creators

| Updated: April 13, 2024 14:14

He also Discusses Future of Online Gaming in India

In a recent interaction with India’s top online gaming creators, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his views on the regulation of online gaming. He emphasised that it should be allowed to flourish under an organised and legal structure, rather than being heavily regulated.

The Prime Minister engaged in a candid conversation with gaming creators, including Animesh Agarwal, Naman Mathur and Payal Dhare. He acknowledged that gaming has emerged as a viable career option for the youth and could create numerous opportunities for aspiring gamers and others interested in the field.

“Regulation would not be ideal as it is inherent for the government to intervene. The focus should be on understanding and shaping it according to our country’s needs. Once it is brought under an organised, legal structure and its reputation is uplifted, it will be difficult for anyone to bring it down,” he stated.

PM Modi further expressed his ambition to elevate the country to a level where the middle class will not require unnecessary government intervention by 2047. He warned against the trap of paperwork, documents and legal systems, emphasising that it is the underprivileged who need the government the most in challenging times.

In a lighter vein, the Prime Minister also tried his hand at some games, jokingly expressing hope that he does not get addicted.

When asked about the conflict between gaming and gambling, one of the creators clarified that most people perceive gaming as a pastime. “The games we play are very different. They are not simple games like Ludo. We play complex games like chess that require mental and physical skills,” the creator explained.

Animesh Agarwal, another gaming creator, shared his journey of taking a one-year break from his Chartered Accountancy studies to pursue a career in gaming. “I started in 2018 with the thought of giving my best to gaming. I had a strong backup, so my parents supported me throughout,” he added.

PM Modi acknowledged the increasing number of people opting for a career in gaming and stressed the importance of providing better guidance. “Numerous young children have opted for this career. We cannot stop them but can always guide them on a better path,” he said.

He concluded by asking the gaming creators to email his office with a detailed list of their issues for further discussion.

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