PM Modi To Start 2nd And 3rd Phase Of SAUNI Scheme  

| Updated: October 5, 2022 6:45 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start the second and third phases of SAUNI scheme covering Link 1, package 5 and link 3 package 7 from Jamnagar on 10TH October during his Gujarat Visit. Earlier, the Prime Minister had pledged to supply irrigation water to the dry (arid) region of Saurashtra and pure drinking water to the citizens.  The basic objective of the SAUNI scheme is to bring a permanent solution to the problem of water scarcity in Saurashtra by filling the reservoirs of Saurashtra with excess water from the floods in Narmada.  

In the second phase, the Link 1 package 5 of the second phase of this scheme will have 66 KM pipeline worth of RS 314.69 crore. The water will be supplied to 10 water bodies including 5 of Jamanagar and 5 of Devbhumi Dwarka through 7 pumps at pumping station near Pipartoda in Lalpur taluka and 4 pumps at feeder pumping station near Sidhpur village in Khambhalia taluka. Nearly, 65,000 people will be benefited from it.   

In the third phase, the link 3 package 7 of this scheme will have 104.160 KM pipeline with the cost of RS 729.15 crore. The drinking water is supplied from 2 water bodies of Jamnagar, 2 Rajkot, 1 Porbander and 1 Devbhumbi Dwarka. Total 26 villages of Rajkot districts, 20 village of Kalavad, Jamnjodhpur and Jamnagar taluka in Jamnagar district, 30 villages of Bhanvad taluka of Dwarka district and 10 village of Porbander district, over 1,20,000 people will be benefitted from it and this will directly benefit and will around 71,967 acres will get irrigation and drinking facilities.

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