Police Must Help People, Not Mistreat Them – JCP Parmar Takes Action

| Updated: April 18, 2022 4:57 pm

It is an everyday thing that common people feel helpless in front of the police personnel, when they visit the local stations to register numerous complaints of theft and dispute. “Police kya karegi? Hume hi dosh deti hai!” (“What will the police do? They will blame us only”) is a common notion among people and many as such forgo even registering their complaints!

Every government employee gets paid from the taxes that general public pays. From Chief Minister to the constable and traffic police, everyone gets their salary from the taxes that are collected. So, how is it that the police officers refuse to hear out the complaints of the people, even speaking harshly to them. It is a common notion the even after registering a complaint, police does little to investigate the matter and bring proper resolution to their grievances. As such the commissioner’s office has been flooded with complaints over mistreatment from the police.

Considering, one responsible officer took it upon himself to see how the police treated the commoners and find out the truth behind thousands of complaints over police demeanor.

IG Gautam Parmar, the Joint Commissioner (JCP) of Sector-2 in Ahmedabad decided that the matter should be investigated. In a rather unorthodox and daring move, Parmar, along with a woman constable, went undercover to see truth for themselves. Parmar visiting the Kagdapeeth police station, posing as a common man who had his two-wheeler stolen. The woman played the role of the IG’s niece.

Parmar gave details of the bike and the police talked about seraching around for two days. But when the IG further said that his passport had been in the said bike and it was also taken, police officer’s changed his tune. The officer accused Parmar, saying that maybe he had tampered with the passport himself and so had come here with a fake theft story. Parmar was called a culprit and even detained him.

When he was being arrested, Parmar finally revealed his real identity. Nevertheless, the officers refused to believe him and continued with the arrest. Eventually, the JCP informed Kagdapeeth PI, and ACP Milap Patel of K division over the phone that Kagdapeeth police were arresting him. That is when the police realized the magnitude of their actions and rushed to apologize. Nevertheless, the JCP inquired and suspended the two policemen for being rude and uncooperative towards innocent people who wanted to file their cases.

Paramar also visited the Amraiwadi police station, where the police refused to hear his complaint. Despite the presence of Zone-5 DCP Achal Tyagi himself, the police were giving blunt replies. Two officers were suspended from this station as well.

Parmar’s office had also received complaints against the Nikol Police Station. The complaint filed said that the police at the station refused to register the person’s case. On inquiring and finding the truth, JCP was forced to suspend a PSI and outpost writer.

What action will be taken now?

Following the disappointing experiences at various stations, city’s Joint Commissioner IG Gautam Parmar met with the higher authorities to discuss the situation. He will make a presentation based on the queries and grievances of the people and detail steps that should be taken going forward. JCP, along with a team of Zone-4 DCP Mukesh Patel and ACP Rima Munshi, will lead a committee that will work on this matter. IG Gautam Parmar said, “The police stations have been set up only for the people. People should maintain discipline and be respectful in law enforcement. The police are there to help people.”

Accordingly, the key task of the committee will be to develop a long-term training program that will help police personnel deal with complainants in a more sophisticated manner. This training will help police to respond better to the public, maintain discipline and professionalism.

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