After 5 Years Of Marriage, Preity Zinta And Husband Jane Goodenough Become Parents To Twins

| Updated: November 19, 2021 12:23 pm

The Dimple queen who once ruled Bollywood – Preity Zinta might be away from the cinema but keeps engaging with her fans through social media.

After five years of marriage, Preity Zinta and husband Jane Goodenough become parents to twins. She shared the good news with her fans on instagram, Twitter and expressed gratitude.

She also revealed the names of twins – Jai Zinta Goodenough and Gia Zinta Goodenough. At the age of 46, the actress gave birth to two twins via surrogacy.

Preity Zinta married Jean Goodinoff in February 2016 and moved to Los Angeles, USA. Earlier, other celebrities including Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan, Ekta Kapoor and Aamir Khan opted for surrogacy for children.

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