Price Hike In PNG, CNG; Will Now Cost Rs 28, Rs 1.38 Costlier Respectively

| Updated: July 7, 2022 9:06 am

The price of Piped Natural Gas (PNG), which has started to be used in large quantities in the kitchens of the major cities of Gujarat, has witnnesed a sudden increase of Rs 28 per unit. As a result, the average increase in the PNG gas bill used for the residential purposes will now cost around Rs 200 per household.

Apart from this, Adani Gas has also hiked the price of Compressed Natural gas (CNG) used in private vehicles, government buses and autorickshaws by Rs 1.31 per kg.

With this hike in the prices by Adani Gas, the CNG will now cost Rs 83.90 to the vehicle owners. This will result into an increase of cost burden on more than 10 lakh private motor and auto rickshaw drivers in Gujarat.

On the other hand, the quality of CNG is also in question as for last few months the CNG users are experiencing a decrease in the km average of their vehicles. The CNG users are, hence, troubled from both the side – the price and the quality.

Notably, according to the sources, the hike in the prices of PNG and CNG for the domestic use is believed to have been prompted by the Gas Authority of India.

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