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Priyanka Gandhi Attacks PM Modi At First Gujarat Rally In Five Years

| Updated: April 27, 2024 14:56

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday accused the Central government of planning to change the Constitution to weaken the people and deprive them of their rights.

Speaking at a public rally in support of Congress candidate Anant Patel at Dharampur in Valsad, Priyanka alleged,”In 10 years the government has not done anything to strengthen the dalits or tribals or the common people. It has only served to weaken them. You are also being persecuted, but no one is stopping, no one is supporting you. Today, tribal communities are fighting for their rights across the country.”

Priyanka Gandhi arrived in Gujarat after a gap of five years. Last time she was in the state for campaigning in March 2019.

A host of senior Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi are supposed to tour Gujarat and address rallies in the third phase of the Lok Sabha elections 2024.
Taking a jibe at the prime minister, Priyanka Gandhi said, “If PM Modi can stop wars as claimed by BJP leaders, why can’t he eradicate poverty in the country, why can’t he reduce inflation?”

“The BJP government reduces the prices of petrol-diesel and gas cylinders only when elections are coming.” she said adding, “A farmer of the country has to commit suicide for Rs 10,000 and Modi waives the debt of his industrialist friend of Rs 16 lakh crore. Is all the wealth of the country to be given to industrialists? Is the BJP government for the poor or the rich?”

“We have been in power, hence we understand power, we are not arrogant like Modi,” she further said.

“The Prime Minister of the country is arrogant; and if a leader is not wise, has too much ego and considers himself supreme, then he gradually goes astray. The farmers of the country came to Delhi to protest, but the PM didn’t even care to ask about their problems. He only cares about elections and power. He cares about his billionaire friends, and has given the nation’s assets to them,” the leader added.

“I guarantee that if you bring the Modi government again, there will be no change in your life even for the next five years. There will be no progress, you will remain where you are. Five-kg ration, no employment, inflation will rise. For last 10 years in BJP government your condition has worsened instead of improving and if this government still comes then you will not develop. When our government comes, you will get so much help that you will be able to stand on your own feet in a short time. We do not make empty promises,” the 52-year-old leader old told a massive gathering.

Claiming that entire media in the country was sold, Priyanka Gandi said, “When the Congress government was in power, the media used to ask questions every day. Then no one even tried to stop them. Media is today being run by big billionaires, in which you cannot see the truth.You see everything beautiful and shiny on TV.But the reality is that due to inflation and unemployment, the condition of the people is bad. Tribal society is being oppressed continuously, no one listens to you.”

She also said, “If given a chance, the Congress governmentt will bring employment guarantee scheme like MGNREGA for 100 days of guaranteed work in urban areas.”

“A fund of Rs 5,000-crore will be created, from which youth can start business, graduate youth will be given jobs. To remove this historical poverty, I guarantee you that we will fill up as many government jobs as are vacant. There is no facility for fishing, in our law we guarantee, we will give you an ID card,” she said.

“In the last 10 years, only injustice is happening, you have not got justice, that is why we have named it Nyaya Patra, today all people in the country want justice. We come with many guarantees. We have fulfilled all the guarantees given by our government wherever we are,” she added.

“They just say that nothing has been done in 70 years. Ask them how many IITs have you built, how many AIIMS have you built, how many schools have you built? How many people were brought above the poverty line. They will never say these because there is nothing to say. They just keep holding big events and telling lies. I can tell you that we haven’t seen such a liar prime minister in the country ever,” she said.

Voting in the third phase in Gujarat will be held on May 7.

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