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‘Protesting’ Students Clueless On Purpose Of March Against Congress; Sparks Meme Fest

| Updated: May 2, 2024 13:02

The youth are called the backbone of any nation. The youngsters decide the future of the country, they are the agents of change. In a country like India, with over 50 per cent of its population below the age of 25, and over 65 per cent below the age of 35, the demographic dividend is its greatest asset.

But, a recent video going viral on social media is making the Internet wonder if India’s youth really hold the key to the future. The video in question shows a group of students from a university in Greater Noida stumbling through an interview during a protest march towards the Congress headquarters in Delhi. The objective? Well, that seemed to be lost on everyone involved.

Ashutosh Mishra, an Aaj Tak journalist, tried to extract coherent answers from the students regarding the purpose of their demonstration. Spoiler alert—it didn’t go as planned!

Students were apparently marching against the Congress over issues like inheritance tax and wealth distribution. However, none of them could give coherent answers, neither on the issue nor on the purpose of the march itself. One of the students earnestly expressed a desire for a ‘developed India’ but left viewers scratching their heads with the lack of specifics.

As the reporter probed further, hoping for a nugget of political insight, asking a student to explain the specific issues, the answer he received was, “Sir, aage baat karlo,” a polite request to ask someone else. Not only did the students fail to answer any of the reporter’s questions, they couldn’t even explain the context of the slogans on the placards they were holding.

As the video went viral, a user commented, “If you want to meet some of the worst quality of students in the country then this is the bunch.”

Netizens shared memes and videos that has everyone in splits. The comments on different memes are just as hilarious. One user wrote, “WhatsApp university is exploiting our younger generation.” Another user added, “After watching the video, the parents of all these children will think that we have wasted lakhs of rupees. These children do not even know how to read Hindi and English.”

In another video, a student, on being asked whether or not he should be using his own judgement rather than accepting any government’s stance on matters, responds saying, “Being educated does not mean we should use our brains”. This video too, is being shared widely on X.

The protest may not have achieved its intended purpose, but it certainly provided plenty of laughs for those watching from the sidelines. After all, ignorance may be bliss, but it’s also a one-way ticket to becoming an internet meme.

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