Rahul Demands JPC Probe In Stock Market Crash, Accuses PM

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Rahul Demands JPC Probe In Stock Market Crash, Accuses PM

| Updated: June 7, 2024 11:28

Immediately after the poll results were declared, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has launched a blistering attack on the BJP. In a clear attempt to continue in his narrative to establish the connection between PM Modi and big industrial houses in India, Rahul Gandhi demanded a JPC probe into the stock market crash of June 4th.

Rahul Gandhi made a serious allegation to suggest the direct involvement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in the “biggest stock market scam,” in his words. Rahul Gandhi demanded that a joint parliamentary committee probe the turn of events that led to the erosion of up to Rs. 30 lakh crores of retail investors’ wealth in a single day.

Addressing a jam-packed press conference, Rahul Gandhi surmised that the stock market was pumped up to bloat by “fake” exit polls, and the comments of the Prime Minister, Home Minister, and Finance Minister.

Rahul Gandhi said that it is unprecedented for a prime minister, a home minister, or a finance minister. comment on the prospects of the stock market on a specific day.

The core of Rahul Gandhi’s allegations is that a set of people, such as the pollsters, making inaccurate predictions about poll outcomes knowingly, along with the media house, connived with big industrial houses to inflate the stock market. He suggested that the comments of the prime minister, the home minister, and the finance minister, specifically stressing the probable surge in the share market, misled the general public to invest heavily.

The market witnessed a crash of gargantuan proportions, up to 6235 points, after the election results started belting out better results for the opposition, eroding up to Rs. 30 lakh crores of retail investors’ wealth.

The former Congress chief asked three questions, asking, “Why did the PM and HM give specific investment advice to the five crore families investing in the stock markets? Is it their job to give investment advice to the people?”. “Why were both interviews given to the same media house owned by the same business group, which is also under SEBI investigation for manipulating stock markets?” Rahul Gandhi asked.

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