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Rahul Gandhi’s ‘aata INR 22/ litre’ goes viral; users masked his instant correction to trigger meme fest

| Updated: September 5, 2022 19:42

On Sunday, September 4, social media users shared a video where Congress leader Rahul Gandhi mistook the word ‘litre’ as a unit of measurement for ‘aata’ (flour) while addressing a crowd during Halla Bol rally at Ramlila Maidan in the national capital.

The Indian National Congress held a mega rally ‘Mehangai Par Halla Bol’ against the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the issues of price rise, Goods and Services Tax and rising unemployment across India.

While the senior Congress leaders took their turn to attack the ruling party BJP, Rahul Gandhi elucidated out a price list on commodity market and how things have picked up the heat of inflation.

In one of the moments during his address, Rahul Gandhi can be heard picking up the unit for ‘flour as ‘litre’, saying, “Aata (flour) was Rs 22 per litre but today it is Rs 40 per litre.”

Social media users posted the viral clip of Rahul Gandhi by writing a caption in Hindi, that translates to, ‘Since when is ‘aata’ being sold in litres?’

A fact-check team from a well-known newsroom while trying to examine the truth found that Rahul Gandhi had indeed goofed up in his speech while comparing the prices of various commodities with yesteryear prices, he picked the word ‘litres’ as a measurement unit of mass for flour, but he corrected himself immediately. The viral video was incomplete as it showed the clipped version of his speech.

From the time stamp 1.52.00 on the trimmed video, Gandhi said, “I have figures from 2014 when an LPG cylinder used to cost INR 410, today it is INR 1050. Petrol was INR 70 per litre. Today it is around INR 100 per litre. Diesel was INR 55 per litre, today it is INR 90 per litre. Mustard oil was INR 90 per litre, today it is INR 200 per litre. Milk was INR 35 per litre, today it is INR 60 per litre. Aata (flour) was INR 22 per litre, today it is INR 40 per litre”.

Then immediately, in his next breath, corrected himself saying, “Oh Kg (Kilo-grams, the actual unit of mass), so on one hand you’re being hit by unemployment, on the other hand, there is terrible inflation.”

The viral clip didn’t actually hold that portion where Rahul Gandhi rectified his mistake.

The biggest opposition party in India had been attacking the government over price rise and unemployment, saying, “These are issues of the common people and should be discussed at all forums.”

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