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Rapper Snoop Dogg Hikes His Weed Roller’s Wages

| Updated: June 11, 2022 09:37

American rapper Snoop Dogg has given his full-time blunt roller a wage hike due to the rise in inflation in the United States.

Who is a blunt roller? Well, blunt is commonly used as a slang noun to mean a marijuana cigarette. A blunt roller, in that sense, would be someone who rolls in the ground marijuana in cigarette papers. Sometimes people roll them with a crutch, which is basically just a stiffer bit of paper to hold the weed in place.

As easy as it sounds, the process is a time-consuming one. Joints, spliffs, and blunts, can be defined by how much cannabis and tobacco they have and what material is used to roll them. Joint and spliffs are both rolled with rolling papers. A joint’s filling is all weed; a spliff is basically a joint with tobacco mixed in with the weed.

The 50-year-old rapper is known to be an avid weed smoker. According to media reports, he hired a personal blunt roller in 2019 as he didn’t have time to roll his own joints. Snoop Dogg earlier shared that he had been paying the blunt man $40,000 to $50,000 a year.

But now, in a recent tweet, Snoop said that he upped the salary to an undisclosed amount. “Inflation,” he wrote in the social media post, quoting an UberFacts account that revealed his roller’s previous pay. “Their salary went up,” he said.

Watch his post here:

Responding to his post, Author Scott Adams joked: “Great now my blunt roller will see this and demand a raise”. Another said, “Snoop gets it. If you’re not getting a salary increase that’s at least equal to inflation, you’re losing money.” One internet user also suggested, “Make Snoop labor secretary.”

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