Ravi Pujari turns don instead of cricketer

| Updated: July 24, 2021 12:19 pm

The Crime Branch inquiry has found that, recently arrested Don Ravi Pujari had a dream of becoming a cricketer since his childhood, but he took the path of crime going forward. According to the investigation, at the age of around 16, Ravi was caught into a husstle for playing cricket. At that time, a criminal named Shrikant Mama from Mumbai supported Ravi Pujari and since then, he considered Shrikant Mama as his Godfather. Shrikant Mama was shot dead by Mumbai police in an encounter and then the informant for the encounter was murdered.

Ravi Pujari shot and killed one person during 1992-93. In Andheri of Mumbai, people had such a fear that even if for putting up a lorry, he had to ask Ravi Pujari.

According to police, Ravi Pujari was in touch with top criminals from three countries – India, Nepal and Dubai and he used to give most of the contracts to Mumbai sharpshooters.

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