Residents Opposing Gandhi Ashram Redevelopment Create Ruckus

| Updated: May 27, 2022 8:30 pm

Angry residents staying in a colony in Sabarmati Ashram on Thursday night stormed the home of a member of the Sabarmati Ashram Redevelopment Project committee staying on the campus and allegedly beat up his family.

The Ranip Police have lodged an offence of rioting against 11 people in the incident following a complaint from the family of Shailesh Rathod.

A crowd of residents, who have been opposing the proposed redevelopment project, on Wednesday night, reached the home of Rathod who lives in the PTC Hostel behind the Ashram and complained to him that government officials were harassing them.

The crowd, led by Jignesh Parmar, alleged that though Rathod was representing the residents in the committee, he was not doing enough for their cause. They had an argument with him over this. Rathod is a lawyer and lives with his family.      

On Thursday night, when Rathod was returning from Kheda after some personal work, his wife called him to inform him that a crowd had reached there, abusing the family and even beating them up.

However, the crowd dispersed when Rathod’s wife called up the police control room in their presence, police said.

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