Russia To Legalise Pirated Version Of The Movie Avatar

| Updated: December 16, 2022 3:20 pm

James Cameron’s new directorial Avatar: The Way of Water, which releases today in India, has created excitement ever since the announcement of the movie was made. But, sources reveal that Russia might have decided to go ahead with legalising the screening of the pirated versions of the film. Continue reading to find out why. 

After 2000, when Avatar was just released, James Cameron announced his next venture, named Avatar: The Way of Water. The movie has been hyped since then , and now we are just awaiting the response.

With the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Disney has decided not to release Avatar 2 in Russia. But the country of Russia has other plans- it has decided to release the screening of the movie through legalised pirated versions. 

This is because due to the Ukraine-Russia war, many countries have decided to break ties with Russia, and Disney is one of such companies. Hence, Russia now has no qualms about selling these pirated versions. Sources reveal that European countries will have pirated copies to sell on their land legally. Theatre owners are ready to pay the price ranging $790 to $15,820 based on quality. 

Russia is planning to legalise screening pirated copies of movies with the help of the Ministry of Culture. Usually, there is a middle dealer from Hollywood who confirms the screening of the movie, and then only they have the permission to go ahead. However, now the Association of Cinema owners is going with a new bill that would help them get what they want without dealing with Hollywood.

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