Sachin Hid His Marital Status From Me: Mehndi Pethani In Her Past Plaint

| Updated: October 14, 2021 8:05 am

Mehndi Pethani, killed by her live-in partner Sachin Dixit, had called Jeevan Aastha helpline number on November 1, 2019, to discuss the issues going on between her and Dixit. In a 54 minutes long call, Pethani had sought advice from the helpline. Also, around the same period, she had filed a complaint against Dixit, saying that she had been cheated as he had not revealed his marital status to her.

The complaint, filed at the women’s police station in Shahibaug, was withdrawn after both parties agreed to compromise.

The IGP of the Gandhinagar range, Abhay Chudasma, told reporters that Pethani had contacted the Jeevan Aastha helpline of the Gandhinagar District Police. In conversation with the counsellor, she said that she was afraid of her boyfriend, Dixit. She also informed the counsellor that she had left her husband due to some disputes. However, the IGP said, it is not clear at this point of time if she had divorced her husband.

He further said that, in 54 minutes-long call, the counsellor had advised Pethani to get detached from Dixit and stay firm with her decision if she was feeling threatened by him. She was also asked to consider reuniting with her estranged husband by contacting and resolving the issues.

Both the families of parties were called for a meeting after Pethani filed the cheating complaint against Dixit, in which both of them were present too. The complaint was taken back after the parties reached a settlement, said the IGP.

With these developments coming on to the surface, the police officials said that Dixit’s family claims that they were unaware of his relationship, which may not be entirely accurate. Also, Dixit’s wife, Aradhana, said in her statement that she suspected his husband of having extra-marital affair, but she had no knowledge of him having a baby through his relationship.

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