Sand Artist, Manas Sahoo Curates a Sand Sculpture to Raise Awareness

| Updated: June 21, 2022 1:01 pm

In order to raise awareness about the benefits of practicing Yoga, Manas Sahoo created a 17 foot wide sculpture that took 7 hours and 12 tonnes of sand to complete. The purpose of making the statue, was to emphasize that one can stay healthy, if they practice Yoga daily and make it a part of their schedule. 

He shared that originated in India, Yoga is an austere practice that combines all three, physical, mental and spiritual pursuits to attain harmony between the body and soul. It is said that Yoga is a great way for anyone to achieve holistic health in every individual. The painting has “Yoga for humanity” and “International Yoga Day” written on it.

The much trending sand statue was made at Odisha’s Golden Beach to celebrate International Yoga Day..

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