Six Gujarat Sanitation Workers Attempt Suicide

| Updated: September 9, 2022 8:42 am

In a bid to get their demands approved, a team of workers from house-keeping department allegedly made an attempt to commit suicide by pouring phenyl over their heads.

After a set of instructions were notified by the Union Minister for Home Affairs, Amit Shah on house-keeping and cleaning issues in Ahmedabad’s Bopal-Ghuma areas, a committee of three Deputy Municipal Commissioners were appointed.

The said records stated that nearly 53 sweepers were selected as daily employees in the municipal corporation during that period.

As the cleaning operation progressed today, a heavy protest was held by a few members from the sweeping staff in the Bopal area.

Some of them started consuming phenyl and few of them began pouring it over their heads in an attempt to commit suicide over the delay in addressing the said issues.

Three cleaners have been shifted to Sola Civil Hospital for treatment.

The Standing Committee Chairman, Hitesh Barot said, “I took the round when the cleaning started, but I have no clue about any such incident.”

A police official from Bopal Police Station told the reporters- “Some of the employees have been found to have ingested phenyl and have now been shifted to Sola Civil Hospital.”

According to sources, a list of 53 employees from Bopal-Ghuma areas was given to the corporation. On September 2, 2022, these 53 employees were inducted as daily workers.

As the sources cited, some of the workers were not hired. So, the cleaners held a heavy protest and a few of them made an attempt to commit suicide.

One of the sources maintained, “When the work was in progress, men and women from among the staff began pouring phenyl on their heads and some of them even drank it.”

The police escorted the area soon after and took away the bottles carrying the phenyl from the hands of the workers, as stated by the sources.

As the records stated, initially 53 people were inducted and the numbers reached 119 from different specified zones.

The Municipal Commissioner, Ramesh Merja and other senior officials including Kalpesh Patel, the Assistant Director of Solid Waste Management-North West Zone took heed of the situation.

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