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| Updated: June 18, 2022 4:18 pm

Vibes Of India is back with the list of happening and most amazing events and workshops close by to you, Do check out these events share them with your friends with whom you think you should attend those events.

  1. Talk Poker Night

A group discussion format wherein a topic, that is Pre decided is opened up through a moderator to all the participants. Everybody who is the part of the circle is allowed, insisted and entitled to an opinion on the same, but the twist is, before you say anything you have to put in the bowl a note or 10rs (in the form of chips) only then you can speak! ‘We make you pay for what you speak’ quite literally 😉 A second person can only begin once he puts down a chip! Anybody can withdraw midway, saying ‘Pack’ and the last person standing (debating) takes the entire bowl home

When: 18th June, 8 p.m. onwards

Where: SAAD Gallery, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registration: Open For all


2. White Wall Screenings

Film buffs of ahmedabad good news is here as indie theatre production brings Short Film Adda with offline screenings to Ahmedabad, get engaged in Screenings followed by Q&A session with the filmmakers in this amazing short film screening event.

When: 22nd June, 9pm Onwards

Where: Prayogshala, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registration: Call – 8648888848



A hindi play inspired by the stories of veteran writer Sa’adat Hasan Manto  directed by Savan Zalariya tells Stories of modern era from the eyes of Manto, A hindi show with an 18+ age restriction disclaimer will surely be fun with a twist as maker of the shows has marketed the play with the sign of ‘ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK’

When: 19th June 9.30 pm Onwards

Where: Scrapyard-The Theatre, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registration: Call: +91 7698201299 / 9978001005

4. DARWIN – Hindi Suspense Play

Get thrilled and enjoy this suspense play in hindi, An amazing performative play by 7 actors who are on the final stage of their test they’re given one question that has only one answer. Though seemingly simple it doesn’t take much time for confusions & chaos to occur & tensions to unravel.

When: 25 june, 9 Pm onwards

Where: Prayogshala, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registration:  Available on Allevents

5. Ahmedabad Paintball League 3.0

In search for events and workshops for an adventure, We have an amazing event for you and your friends to participate in, Its Ahmedabad Paintball League, Make teams and compete with other teams in Paintball war, get chance to win amazing prices and a chance to be a part of the future Indian paintball team.

When: 1 july 10 am onwards

Where: Bang Bang, B/s Juggernaut

Tickets and Registration: Available on Allevents

6. Jamai Amara Jordar

A family drama which you will surely enjoy with your family, Written by Vipul Vithallani and directed by Kartavya shah this gujju family drama serves rib tickling comedy, Full of emotinal rollercoster this drama will make you sit tight till the end, story of gujju household to which everyone will relate.

When: 18 june, 9pm Onwards

Where: H K Hall, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registration: Call 8866273965

7. Shades of Green – Stories of our Soldiers

After an overwhelming response in the last show, Shades of Green is back with another show with fantastic storyline, brilliant performances to bring to life the stories of our soldiers.

When: 19 june, 9pm Onwards

Where: Dinesh Hall

Tickets and Registration: Available on Allevents

8. Oh No! by Urooj Ashfaq

One of the most finest female stand-up comedian of the country Urooj Ashfaq is coming in town with her stand-up special “Oh No!”, She says she has written many jokes so now she’s put them all together and wants everybody to hear it!

When: 20th June 9pm onwards

Where: Prayogshala, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registration: Available on BookMyShow


If you have an interesting events and workshops coming up, share it with us and get it featured in our Social Calendar. Send us your event details and pictures at 7069083310 or email them to us at


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