Social Calendar: Events To Look Forward This Weekend

| Updated: March 15, 2022 6:04 pm

It’s midweek already! yes it’s the time to say TGIF.

  1. Indian Folk Art: Madhubani

Madhubani is a traditional Indian art form from Bihar. It is known for its vibrant colours and unique borders. Madhubani designs often depict mythological stories from ancient epics.

What you will do:

Learn the basics of the Artform on paper

Understanding the colour schemes, designs, and motifs used in Madhubani

Practice the basic forms and patterns to create your own artwork

Materials required:

• A4 Paper (150- 200gsm)

• Fineliner or cd marker (black)

• Poster/acrylic paints

• Paintbrush (round 1,3)

•Basic stationery

Date: Saturday 19th March 

Time: 10:30 AM

Venue: On zoom

Price: Rs 199

  1. Bas, Ghar Hi To Jana Hain – Hindi Play

Going home is a beautiful emotion and deeply related to  by those far away from home.

बस घर ही तो जाना है!

A Play inspired by true events of the migrant crisis during Lockdown 2020. Stories that took place out on roads and highways while you were locked in your home. Stories that will move you to the core and maybe more! Yet, a story which needs to be told so that we can never forget!

Date: 19th March 

Time: 09:00 pm

Venue: :Prayogshala

Price: Rs 200

  1. Murder Mystery 101 – English Comedy Play

One room. One murder. Four suspects. 

As a bunch of friends wait for an unwanted guest at a farewell party, things take a seemingly unlikely turn as a killing awaits them. With an old-school format, this English Comedy is an ode to all the murder mysteries we have grown up watching. 

Date: March 18th

Time: 09:00 pm onwards

Venue: Prayogshala

Price: Rs 200

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