Some Parties’ Ideology Incomplete Without Abuse: Modi

| Updated: October 20, 2022 4:17 pm

Criticising opposition parties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said some political parties believe that their ideology is incomplete if they didn’t “abuse” Gujarat and asked people of Gujarat to be warned against those trying to spread despair in the state. Without naming anyone, he warned the people of the state, where Assembly elections are due by December end, to stay away from “pessimists” and those who “dish out lies”.

Addressing a public gathering in Junagadh after launching project worth RS4,155crore in Junagadh, Gir Somnath and Porbandar districts, PM Modi said even though Gujarat is providing employment to people from across the country, some political parties continue to “abuse “ and “defame” the state. Continues, “Shouldn’t Gujarat give out a warning?Gujaratis work hard and provide employment to people from the entire country. Can Gujarat be defamed in such a manner? This land will not tolerate insults of Gujarat and Gujaratis. 

On political parties who find only faults with Gujarat, PM Modi said “For the past two decades, those who only find faults and those with perversie mentality, if something good happens in Gujarat, they use all sorts of languages to insult Gujarat.” 

He further said that insults of not only Gujarat or Gujarati but of anyone should not be tolerated in the country. Addressing another public gathering in Rajkot, after launching projects over Rs6,681crore, PM Modi referred to congress slogan of “garibi hatao(eradicate poverty) and Roti-kapda (food and clothes)” in the 1970s and claimed those gave such slogans actually did nothing for the country.

Narendra Modi said that since he took over as PM in 2014, the government has built three crore houses for the poor, including eight lakh in Gujarat alone, of which seven lakh have been allotted to beneficiaries. These people came into politics and built palaces for themselves but didn’t think about the poor living in huts. I have launched a campaign to provide pucca houses to the poor living in huts”. Further, there was a time when MLAs would submit a memorandum to chief minister. There was a time when people had to plead for a hand pump but your son is today supplying water to every household through taps.” 

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