Statue of Unity Is Home to Shaheen Falcon

| Updated: January 11, 2022 2:27 pm

Seems this bird is taking the meaning of Unity to heart! A Shaheen Falcon has been noticed circling the Statue of Unity in Kevadia. The falcon, called Black Shaheen, Indian Peregrine or simply Shaheen, has left bird watchers in the state enthralled. 

“Pigeons are known to nest in buildings or little coups in concrete structures. This is a Shaheen, the fastest bird in the world and it has been hovering over the 182-tall manmade structure. Either it has a nest already or is trying to build on there,” shared bird-watcher Kartik Upadhyay on the sighting. Incidentally, he is the one to have shared the post online alerting bird lovers of his discovery. The Vadodra-based bird enthusiast chanced upon the same during his visit to the SoU sometime last week.

The Shaheen abounds Girnar Hills, Pavagadh and Jessore Hills in the state. “While rare to see the high-flying falcon here, the good news is that its presence may actually ward off pigeons and their droppings from making a nuisance at the SoU,” added Upadhyay. 

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