Tarot By Radhika Rai

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Tarot By Radhika Rai

| Updated: June 3, 2022 14:47

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From the Left 

Card 1

Relationship: In relationships indicates that you and your partner have been going through a rough time. Some recent events may have sucked all the energy. You may feel like giving up and calling it quits but this card tells you to keep going! You are through the worst so you just need to gather your strength and push forward and you will get to where you want to be. 

Money and Career: This card represents an ongoing battle, perseverance and fighting through the tough times. It indicates that you are mid-way through a battle. Keep going, you are almost there! In your finances, you may have had a lot of unexpected expenses recently that have left you a little strapped for cash. Look at ways you can make a little extra side money until things improve.

Health: If you have been ill for some time, the card can indicate that the battle with your illness up to now has used up most of your energy. This card tells you that you need to summon the last of your strength and push forward. You will get there, just don’t give up! 

Spirituality: This card indicates that you have gone through a difficult time and you are feeling burnt out and worn out. However, things are looking up and you have learned your karmic lessons so you will be able to move forward on your spiritual path! Work on your energy levels first.

Card 2

Relationship: This card indicates that your relationship is not a happy one at the moment. The card signifies guilt, remorse and regret so it can be sign that keeping secrets, infidelity or deception is taking its toll on the relationship.

If you are single, the card indicates that you may be dwelling on the past. Feelings of remorse, guilt or regret relating to past relationships may be overwhelming you and causing you deep unhappiness. You may be wishing you could go back in time and change the past. You need to find a way to heal from the past and learn from it. 

Money and Career: The card suggests that you are deeply unhappy in your work at the moment. You may feel unable to cope and have reached your breaking point. It may be that the fear and severe anxiety are affecting your perspective and making you believe things are worse in your career situation than they actually are in reality. In regards to your finances, the card indicates that your financial worries are overwhelming you and causing you severe stress and anxiety but you may be making mountains out of molehills. You need to get your negative thinking under control and look realistically at your finances.

Health: This can signify anxiety disorders, mental health issues, insomnia and migraines. Do not self-medicate or find solace in alcohol or drugs. This card can also indicate hormonal imbalances or menopause. It can also signify a miscarriage, termination or problems conceiving.    

Spirituality: This card indicates that the anxiety and stress you are experiencing at the moment has left you feeling overwhelmed, ungrounded and out of touch with your spiritual side. Practice meditation to help you to get back in touch with your spirituality and bring you back into balance.

Card 3

Relationship: If you are single woman, you are likely to attract a man who will like structure, order, logic and routine. He will be a good influence on you but romance is not his strong point. He is however practical, dependable and protective. 

It may also indicate that you need to be more open with your feelings. If you have feelings for someone in particular you need to bite the bullet and tell that person. If you have been experiencing relationship problems they begin to improve and stability will return to the relationship.  

Money and Career: The card indicates that your hard work will be noticed and you will reap the rewards. Concentration, focus and perseverance will get you where you want to go. Be persistent and logical in your job search. Good opportunities are coming that will bring structure and stability to your career. Financially, this is a sign that you need to be practical with your finances. You need to keep reasonable control of your spending and be aware of where your money is going. 

Health: The card indicates that you need to bring discipline in your lifestyle. Exercise your body and your mind regularly. If you need to rest, rest! If you’re ill, seek medical treatment and listen to your doctor’s advice.

Spirituality: This card spirituality context can indicate that you are neglecting the spiritual part of yourself for the more physical/material side. Bring balance between your rational and your sensitive side. The card can be a sign to ground abs shield yourself. 

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