The Fall And Fall Of Bollywood

| Updated: November 3, 2022 3:54 pm

‘Cinema is a mirror of society’, very wisely said. Till 2020 the industry has changed its dynamics and by industry, I don’t mean just our film industry but also the food industry, oil industry and also the health industry. With 2022 and the theatres opening broad wide open, I approached Bollywood this Diwali, with ‘Thank God’, bought popcorn and held my seat with anticipation. My parents did love the movie but little did they know that it is a REMAKE!!! 

It is a remake of the Norwegian film , Sorte Kugler. Oh the misery! Oh the pain! Oh the agony!  Wait a second, is it the first time a movie has been remade or a plot, has been extracted, oh sorry, appreciated! 

The latest in the counts are Laal singh chadda, Dobara, Cutputli, Vikram vedha. Oh the misery! copy but not what Bollywood does.

The fall in the count of Bollywood mollah, is not only because of the rented scripts and screenplays but also an exposure to world cinema for the young brigade of our Indian audience.

OTT platforms like Netflix and amazon bring a lot to the table in terms of creativity and even availability. It is not just in 2022 that the movies are being remade. It is to a surprise that even Sholay was a REMAKE, and so was our last Oscar nomination, Lagaan.

Movies like Wanted, Dhoom 3 , tubelight, fan, to name the few films of the superstars in Bollywood, which have stunned us with their collection are all remakes. So where is the problem?

With this I don’t mean that all remakes are good films. Rarely do we see a ghulaam being a near perfect remake. On the writer’s note the audience cried after leaving the cinema halls of Kashmir files and they also did cry after leaving the cinema halls of Heropanti 2, I agree for different purposes.

The problem is with this so-called ‘formula’ that our Bollywood holds. I think formulas only suit physics and not our film industry. The formula of choosing a big city, a big cast and some heroic dialogues of the same romantic plots has tired the audience. 

Shahrukh khan, during the promotion of said, “we need to upscale the level of our scripts and screenplays and pay more to the story writers because the next generation will soon be exposed to world cinema and our theatres will soon be empty”.

Mithilesh Khandwala is a class 6 student at the Anand Niketan School, Satellite area, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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  1. Hiren Patel

    Indeed. Time has gone when audience used to accept a 55-year-old actor studying in college and flirting with 21-year girl. The audience have become matured now. The vomit the things that they do not digest.
    The film is accepted by multiple factors with varying weigh including Good scripts, real life reflection, nice actors, great execution and many more. Hypothetical drama or even fantasy or SciFi movies are also accepted provided they have more of the above. (E.g. Bahubali, Avatar etc.)
    Anyways, great attempt Mithilesh. Keep writing. Best wishes.

  2. Ahir Sir

    Yes Agree with Mithilesh
    about Creativity of South Cinema
    and Remake by Bollywood
    Bollywood cinema needs to work on Creativity
    Good Mithilesh 👍

  3. Veena kaul kachru

    Indeed it is the stark reality of Indian cinema .
    I wonder, how people accept the old stuff with no creativity and nothing to thing or ponder about.
    Even small children find it boring. Our cinema definitely needs to introspect and accept new talent and create some genuineness in the movies.
    Keep it up dear Mithlesh. God bless the child.

  4. Ankit Vaghela

    Indeed, The root cause of all this problem is Nepotism in bollywood. They should motivate, support and give platform to the everyone who has deep desire to be a actor & director.

    Thank You Mithilesh for writing an amazing article.

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