Impact of Regular Full Body Checkups on Long-term Well-being

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The Impact of Regular Full Body Checkups on Long-term Well-being

|Ahmedabad | Updated: December 29, 2023 15:44

Impact of Regular Full Body Checkups on Long-term Well-being

Full body checkups are important to detect health issues early. When done regularly, these tests keep serious health issues at bay and ensure your long-term well-being.

We all want to have a healthy and happy life. However, lifestyle choices, such as taking too much stress, not exercising, and eating unhealthy food, can harm your body silently. You can prevent this from happening with a full body checkup. These tests can help detect health problems early, thus pushing you towards an active lifestyle and preventing future health problems.

Who Needs Full Body Checkups?

People who are between 30 and 60 years of age are more prone to lifestyle diseases. Irregular work schedules, unhealthy eating habits, disturbed sleep cycle, and too much stress can affect their health adversely.

Importance of Regular Health Checkups For Long-term Well-being

Here are the reasons to undergo health checkups regularly:

1. Prevent Health Issues

We often miss the warning signs our body exhibits. However, acknowledging these signs and getting a full body checkup done can help prevent minor health issues from exacerbating into more severe diseases.

2. Early Detection of Diseases

High cholesterol levels and elevated blood pressure are major health issues requiring yearly health checkups. Early detection of these potentially life-threatening diseases is important to manage them effectively and prevent future complications.

3. Lower Healthcare Cost

Cost is another factor for various people to avoid regular health checkups. However, paying for routine tests is always better than more severe health condition treatment.

4. Stop the Growth of Disease

Regular health checkups are essential for screening for significant health issues. With early detection, you can eliminate the further advancement of the disease. For instance, having low vitamin D or B12 levels can cause significant repercussions. Detecting these deficiencies can help treat them early, thus preventing critical diseases such as osteoporosis or Crohn’s disease.

5. Reduce Complications During Treatment

Before beginning any treatment, most doctors order a full body checkup to know your medical history. This helps them make effective treatment plans and prevent complications during surgeries.

6. Increase Life Expectancy

Regular health checkups bring awareness about your health. The tests have been proven to assist in the detection of chronic diseases. If you take early treatments, then you may have a chance to increase your life expectancy.

Tests Included in Full Body Checkup

In general, the basic complete body checkup includes these tests:

  • Complete Urine Examination: Substances in your urine, such as protein, glucose, and blood, detect urinary tract infections, kidney disease, and diabetes.
  • Kidney Function Test: A blood and urine test checks how well your kidney functions.
  • Glucose-Fasting: This test checks for glucose levels in your blood and detects diabetes and prediabetes.
  • Complete Blood Count: This test measures the level of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets in your blood. Abnormal levels detect infections and anemia.
  • Thyroid Profile: This test helps measure the level of thyroid hormones responsible for vital body functions.
  • Lipid Profile: A lipid profile test checks your heart health. It measures cholesterol, triglycerides, and other fats in your blood.
  • Liver Function Test: This test checks the enzymes and proteins produced by your liver.

Where Can I Take the Test?

You can visit a hospital or nearby clinic to get your tests done. You can also book an at-home full body checkup, in which a blood technician will take your blood and urine sample for analysis.

In conclusion, your health is the most important thing when enjoying your life. Stay one step ahead with full body checkups once a year. These tests can catch diseases early on and ensure timely treatment. Also, after receiving your reports, follow up with your doctor as they can analyze your reports and let you know the further course of action.

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