The Only Indian Marchioness Ever: Bapsybanno Pavry

| Updated: January 19, 2022 11:49 am

Born in 1902, Bapsybanno Pavry was the fashion icon of her time. She was a page 3 socialite and the only Indian Marchioness ever.

She divided her time between London and Mumbai and used to make public appearances in stunning sarees. She would drape her saree in the most elegant yet stylish ways and used to pair it up with intriguing blouses and jackets. She was ahead of her time but many are still unaware of her style.

Sometimes she would also accessorise her Parsi Gara with gloves and trenchcoats. She had a habit of stepping out with all the essentials including her purse as the cherry on the top for her style. One of her favourites was the pearl necklaces and was clicked wearing them many times.

She had a master’s degree from Columbia and had authored a book called The Heroines of Ancient Persia: Stories Retold from the Shahnama of Firdausi. She was an absolute intellectual and could speak twelve languages. She has a room in the Guildhall and the room has a huge portrait of this lady. She used to travel all around the world with her brother Jal Pavry.

She had married the Marquess who was 90 years old back then and was considered the only Indian Marchioness; within a week of their marriage, he left her for his previous fiancee Eve Fleming. She then shifted back to Mumbai and breathed her last breath in 1995 but had left 500 pounds for building a community centre. Although she left, her elegance and charm remains.

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