Covid third wave likely to hit Gujarat by first week of September : Head of Forensic department, Rajkot - Vibes Of India

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Covid third wave likely to hit Gujarat by first week of September : Head of Forensic department, Rajkot

| Updated: August 28, 2021 14:52

The third wave of corona is expected in the first week or fortnight of September. Individuals who have taken both doses of the vaccine will be less affected by this wave. These are the words of the head of the forensic department of Rajkot Civil Hospital, Doctor Hetal Kyada who performed the autopsy of the highest number of corpses in Gujarat.

The highest number of autopsies of corona patients has been done in Rajkot. The research was done on the basis of this autopsy, the papers of which were sent to the Central Government and a new SOP has been prepared on this. At the same time, some drugs have been developed based on this research paper. Also, these papers have now been sent to America and Britain.

As per a report, Dr. Kyada says the way people are behaving by violating Corona protocol is likely to trigger a third wave in the first fortnight of September. However, since the vaccination has been good, the severity is likely to be lower. He said about the Delta variant that the corona vaccine is also effective on the Delta variant, so it is certain that the people who get the vaccine will be affected to a negligible extent. However, some people who have not taken vaccine doses are more likely to be unaffected by the delta variant if they have a better immune system.

About 125 autopsies have been performed in the country so far. The highest number of 33 autopsies has been done in Rajkot. According to the autopsy research, a coronary patient between the ages of 32 and 95 is more likely to have coronary heart disease, fibrosis, and blood clots. After the autopsy, five to six research papers have been prepared, all of which have been sent to the Journal of Medical American and the Journal of Medical British.

Some precautions were taken during the autopsy. For example, for those who have diseases like diabetes, BP, their bodies are not examined. If the patient dies within a day or two of being positive, the load of the virus in the body is greatly increased, so the autopsy is not performed also the virus does not spread from such a corpse. At the same time, the autopsy doctor is isolated for seven days. Nor are post-mortem room cleaners sent for cleaning. The autopsy is preceded by a final visit to the family, as the autopsy is followed by direct burial.

Dr. Kyada said about the autopsy room that this room has to have infection control, which has nothing to do with temperature. Moreover, the autopsy and the infection should not spread around the room.

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