This Valentine’s, Reunite These Cute Hamsters In Love Through Feb 14 Google Doodle

| Updated: February 14, 2022 8:06 am

The day of an emotion that drives the human race in this tough world, that keeps their heart-thumping and makes this world a much more liveable place – the day of love, “The Valentine’s Day”.

Throughout the year, Google never misses out on a chance to maintain its tradition of introducing little interactive games for the Netizens on special occasions. Following its tradition, Google has dropped a cute little game for Valentine’s Day 2022. On this day of love, the Google Doodle features two hamsters in love, expressing their love in outer space but are separated by the unfortunate maze that is in the shape of Google’s logo.

Those who explore the Google homepage today should try this cute 30-seconds distraction on Valentine’s Day. Your mission in the game will be to reunite these two little hamsters by pulling a series of levers and switches until Google’s logo is formed. This will make a way for the hamsters to get back to each other. Once you reunite these hamsters, Google will wish you with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” message on the screen.

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